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Dealer access is provided exclusively to specialist dealers with the appropriate infrastructure (e.g. retail store, well-organized webshop) and official authorization, who carry out this activity as their main occupation, as well as having an assortment of high-quality products and being able to supply these to a large extent from stock. We do not supply dealers who carry out their business activity in their living quarters. Clubs of any kind, martial arts schools, security companies, event organizers, drop shipment companies, recyclers of discarded army material and companies from other industries are not granted access to dealers.

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TM Trading GmbH was founded in Switzerland in 2003 and has its registered office in Cham. TM Trading GmbH is licensed to trade in war material in accordance with the applicable regulations. In addition to handling orders from government agencies (primarily the Ministry of Defense and as a subcontractor for weapons manufacturers), we also develop and distribute our own brands.
As a distributor of many of the world's leading brands in the military, police and rescue, and outdoor activity sectors, we are allowed to offer third-party products in addition to our own developments. Our large stocks and efficient distribution network give our customers the advantage of short delivery times throughout Europe. We supply both government agencies and the civilian market through a large European dealer network. We also have an efficient and very active government procurement department. Our research and development department is very active and in close contact with many European units and armed forces. It is able to efficiently understand and interpret customers' needs, and then develop and offer adapted solutions at a high technical level. We always coordinate with our customers in ongoing projects and try to perfectly meet their needs.